All too often I read comments by people who criticize rescues, stating their adoption policies are unfair, too picky, too expensive, greedy, and most are hoarders because we really don’t want the animals to be adopted.  So far from the truth with our rescue at least. It is discouraging when a few "bad" rescues set a bad example for all rescues, putting the good ones in the same category as the bad ones.  We are the good guys.

I'm one of the directors for Pug Rescue Owasso.  Our rescue is a respected and reputable 501(c)(3) organization. We have many rules and policies in place for people to adopt and foster, and for a very good reason.  I am a retired Humane Investigator for the SPCA and in my 19 years of doing so, I have had many cases involving people who adopt an animal and have no intentions of caring for them properly, therefore the animal suffers once again. 

A majority of our rescued Pugs come from deplorable situations; abused, sick, injured, starved, neglected and dumped to fend for themselves and we will never place our Pugs to endure what has happened to them in the past.  Pitbull fighters send people to search for “bait dogs” and will even pay the adoption fee just to train their fighting Pitbulls. I have seen many purebred dogs used as bait in our busts and we literally picked up the pieces of these poor dogs.

We do not have an application fee, but do have an adoption fee. We educate, microchip, vet the Pug for any and all medical needs, get them Heartworm tested, pay for needed surgeries, acupuncture, water therapy, chiropractic treatment, ophthalmology visits and much more BEFORE they are adopted or go to a foster home and cover the cost of medical treatment while they are being fostered. We spare no expense caring for our Pugs and follow up with our adopters and fosters to make sure everything is working out.

When our Pugs are adopted, we send them to their new home with a bag of grain free dog food that we use exclusively, 6 months of Interceptor Heartworm Prevention, a goodie bag of healthy treats and give information on caring for a pug. We are dedicated to find our Pugs good, loving homes and are very strict in our adoption process. We do place Pugs (both adoption and foster) according to the applicants’ home life, work schedules, ability to care for a special needs Pug; ie: seniors, puppies, Blind, deaf, diabetic, and the Pugs past experiences, etc. If an application is questionable, we contact them to clarify their answers and if an application is denied, we contact potential adopters and fosters by phone and explain why.

We really are the good guys.

Anna Dodwell


 We have had 17 puppies come into our rescue in a very short time and our Veterinary bills have skyrocketed!  Just today, it was $800 for the 10 puppies in the picture to be vaccinated and bathed.  Could you find it in your heart to help  our rescue by donating through our PayPal?  Click the donate button below.

 Our rescue Pugs receive the best care both emotionally and medically to prepare them for their furever home.  But, unfortunately we can't do it without people like you and your donations of time and money.  invites you to help in whatever way you can.

Pug Rescue & Sanctuary Owasso is an all volunteer 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of pug dogs.​ Pugs come to us from owner surrenders, shelters, other rescues, puppy mills and breeders. Our pugs are placed in loving foster homes for their evaluation on their personalities and what home would be best suited for them. We cover vet exam, vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm tests and preventative care, microchips and dental care as basic medical care for all our pugs. We work to ensure that the pug is as healthy as possible.

Pug Rescue Owasso's mission is to rescue abused, abandoned, homeless, unwanted, sick and injured Pugs.  We rehabilitate them medically and emotionally and place them into loving permanent adoptive homes  We strive to educate the public about the Pug breed including its personality, special needs and care.  We provide needed medical care, spay and neuter as well as microchipping for the safety of all the Pugs that come into rescue.

Pugs comical face with deep wrinkles around big, dark eyes and a flat round face can't help but make you smile.  Pugs are little clowns at heart, but they carry themselves with dignity.  Pugs are very playful, but are also lovers and must be close to their humans.  Pugs love to be the center of attention and are heartsick if ignored.  They have square, thick bodies, weighing no more than 20 pounds.