​​​Bean passed from respiratory failure and cardiac arrest after having bladder stone surgery two days before.  She crossed the bridge February 3, 2018.

Sugar came into rescue August 2016 from a shelter south of Tulsa.  Sugar developed cancer and her body finally gave out.  She was 8 years old and crossed the bridge June 23, 2018.

​​Duke an 11 yr old male Pug was in our rescue for only 48 hours.  He came to us from the Tulsa Animal Shelter as an owner surrender. During our transport from the shelter to our vet, Duke didn't have the strength to lift his head and quietly layed in my arms. Duke was very sick and weak and had been so for a while.  Duke died 2 days later and we are searching for answers on why he died.  One thing we do know is that in his final hours, Duke knew that we saved him and he was loved.  Rest in peace, our sweet and beautiful Duke.


​​​Jack came into rescue in March as a owner surrender.  He was 9 years old, blind and deaf.  He was incredibly sweet and calm.  He developed pneumonia and his trachea collapsed.  He crossed the bridge in November 2017. 

Pug Pug came into rescue last year as a owner surrender.  She was 8 years old and crossed the bridge February 23, 2018 when her trachea collapsed.

Shadow came into rescue last year as a owner surrender.  She was 8 years old and crossed the bridge May 8, 2018.

​​​​​​Jack came into rescue in December on a very cold morning. He was found roaming the streets in Broken Arrow very thin, freezing and confused.  A caring person picked him up and took him to a local vet hospital where they addressed his medical needs.  We picked Jack up and he joined our rescue as a sanctuary dog.  We estimated Jack to be approximately 13 years old and had congestive heart failure.  Until the end of his life, he was warm, loved and never hungry again.  Jack passed quietly in his sleep and is now on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge running and jumping just how a Jack Russell should be.  He crossed the bridge January 28, 2018. 

Jill came into rescue June 2018 from a shelter south of Tulsa.  Jill developed Megaesophagus and Aspiration Pneumonia and her body gave out.  She was 9 weeks old and crossed the bridge July 30, 2018.

Betty came into rescue when her human could no longer take care of her.   Betty is deaf and has a collaposed trachea.  Betty was 13 years old and crossed the bridge June 13, 2018.

Petry came into rescue in November as a owner surrender.  He was 14 years old.  He crossed the bridge December 4, 2017 during surgery to remove a growth.

Maggie came into rescue in January.  She had a Bronchus Collapse bilaterally.  There was no cure or surgery and her quality of life was poor and worsened quickly.  Maggie was exhaused and weak and crossed the bridge in July.  Maggie was very sweet and loving and she will be forever missed by many.

Precious came into rescue December 13, 2016 as a owner surrender.  Precious was emaciated and very sick with an upper respiratory infection.  Precious has a collapsing trachea near her lungs which is inoperable.  She was 8 years old and crossed the bridge June14, 2018.