​​​​​​​​​​​Sarge is a healthy, smart and energetic  boy. He is 4 years old, loves to play and go for walks!  He is ready for his forever home.  Sarge's adoption fee is $300

Cowboy is  lover boy to say the very least.  Cowboy is 6 years old Brindle English Bulldog. He is very affectionate, loves to be played with and really LOVES his naptimes! Cowboy is now ready for his forever home!!​  Cowboy's adoption fee is: $400

Cassie is our newest sweetheart.  She is about 2 years old and a Pug / Shih Tzu mix. Cassie is adorable with an adorable personality.  She is house and crate trained and will be an awesome addition to lucky family. 

Cassie's adoption fee is $250


Charlotte is 8 months old and is a Chug (Pug/Chihuahua mix) She is tiny and FULL OF ENERGY! She is incredibly sweet and loveable.  She is ready for her forever home!


Bailey and Hailey are beautiful and loving 1 year old English Bulldog/Pug mix littermates.  Both are female and are VERY bonded and must be adopted together.  Their adoption fee is $500


​​​​​Reeses is a male Pekingese/Pug mix and is about 1 yr old. He has a very silky and ​beautiful coat, is playful, sweet and loves being hugged. He always comes running for his treats! Reeses is extremely smart and very teachable. All he wishes for is to show a family just how much love he can give.




​​​​​​​Candy is a Chug (Chihuahua/Pug mix).  Candy is about 1 1/2 yrs old and a real cuddlebug.  She is beautiful and loves being held.  She is smart, very alert and will make an adorable forever companion.

​Candy's adoption fee is: $250




Isaiah is a sweet, obedient male Pug. He is about 6 years old.  Isaiah was taken to a high kill shelter by police when his human was found deceased.  He is used to being loved and deserves to be able to love another special human. 

​Isaiah's adoption fee is: $300


​​​​​Sweetie has the most adorable baby face and personality.  However, we do not know her age as of yet.  Sweetie loves being in someone’s arms and is the perfect size for a perfect fit.

Tazzy is a “cute as a bug” pug. She came into our rescue because her human was passing away.  Tazzy is full of energy and is now anxious for a forever home and family.  Unfortunately Tazzy is heartworm positive. Treatment has begun and she should be ready for adoption after her spay sometime in November 2017. She is worth the wait!

Tazzy's adoption fee is $300.

Honey is a Chug  (Pug/Chihuahua mix) and is about 1 yr old.  She was frightened at first and now loves to be cuddled.  She is very smart and will be a wonderful forever companion.

LUKE is our newest sweetheart.  He is very calm mannered and we are confident he is housebroken.  Luke is a very healthy, 8 yr old male Fawn Pug. He is very affectionate, loves to be hugged and will follow you around everywhere! Luke is now ready for his forever home!!​  Luke's adoption fee is: $300








This is Charles.  He is a Pug/Basset Hound mix. He is incredibly sweet, calm and loves to be pampered  Sadly, Charles was left by a dumpster with his box of toys on a very hot day.  He has been fully vetted and is now waiting for his forever home.  Just know, his toys must come with him! Charles adoption fee is $250


Jelly Bean is a Pekinese/Pug mix.  His teeth are sparse and his skin is recovering from allergies.  We don’t believe his life has been easy up until he was rescued.  He would be best as a single pet so he can relax and be the object of special attention.


Justin is an adorable 1-2 year old Puggle.  Justin is a happy, healthy, loving guy.  He will be a wonderful addition to a lucky family.  Being a puggle, he has inherited the best traits of both pug and beagle.  Justin is fully vetted and is learning to play ball.  A forever family will make his life complete.  Justin's adoption fee is: $250


​​​​​​​​Licorice is a beautiful 7 year old female black Pug.  She had a​ mass removed and it came back benign.  Licorice has such a sweet personality and loves everyone! She is ready to go home with you!!

Licorice's adoption fee is $300



​​​​​​​Molly is a 7 yr old female Pug and was an owner surrender.  Our veterinarians at Woodland West

say that Molly is very healthy but needs to lose weight. She is a happy girl and would love to be a permanent part of your family.

Molly's adoption fee is: $300


Clint is our " honorary" Pug who is actually a Chihuahua/Dauchshund mix  Clint is approximately 1-1/2 yrs old, loves to play and be cuddled.  He needs lots of attention and will be best as the only "prince' in the home!

​​​​​​​​​Skittles is a male Chug (Chihuahua/Pug mix) ​Skittles is approximately a year old or younger. He loves to jump through the yard and house, play and loves his treats! Skittles was frightened at first but has come a long way. He is quite the sweetheart! 

LUKE is our newest sweetheart.  He is very calm mannered and we are confident he is housebroken.  Luke is a very healthy, 8 yr old male Fawn Pug. He is very affectionate, loves to be hugged and will follow you around everywhere! Luke is now ready for his forever home!!​  Luke's adoption fee is: $300

Snickers is a Chug (Chihuahua/Pug mix).  He is about 5 yrs old and very small.  He has some jaw problems and eats a balanced nutrition canned food  Snickers is active and smart.  He loves to be held and is small enough to carry around!

​Snickers adoption fee is $250.00

Caramel is a Chug (Chihuahua/Pug mix) He is very calm, sweet and loves to be cuddled.  He needs to be the only dog or with a non-aggressive dog due to him being picked on by other dogs.  Caramel has a VERY soft coat and a soft, beautiful squishy face.

Quintina is 9 yrs old and because of over breeding, she is disabled in her back and hips.  Quintina's disability doesn't slow her down one bit! Quintina will require a  lot of attention, so she needs to be with someone who either doesn't work or is only gone from the house a few short hours a day. Once you meet her, you will be in love forever. Quintina's adoption fee is $150.00 

Rose Marie is a 6 year old French Bulldog.  She is a very loving and affectionate girl  She was found wandering on a country road.  She had a complete mastectomy over a month ago and is doing great! Rose is active, loves to play and is incredibly funny; jumping and twisting around as she plays.

​Rose's adoption fee is: $300


​​​​​​Blondie is a 12 year old Puggle (Pug/Beagle mix)  Her skin was irritated due to fleas was very thin.  She has a tumor that will be removed when she is spayed.  Blondie is currently being treated for her skin issues. She will then have her surgery and be ready for her forever home and family.  She is hoping, however, for a home and humans to call her own.



​​​​​​​​​​​Sophia is a 4 yr old Pug and was part of a breeder release.  She had sores on her back from allergies and had to be sheared.  She has healed and has a beautiful coat now.  Sophia loves to be held and is a real snuggle Pug!  Sophia's adoption fee is: $300