​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pug Rescue Owasso, Inc does not sell dogs, we adopt them out to compatible and loving homes for an adoption fee of $300.00 for full Pugs and Pug mixes for $150. Special Needs and Senior Pugs over 8 years old are $100.00.​  Pug Rescue Owasso, Inc adoption fees are based on the age and medical condition of the pug.

​Many people ask us: "Why s
o much to adopt a Pug?"     Here's why...

Pugs adopted through us are examined by our veterinarian are neutered/spayed, vaccinated, heartworm tested, receive heartworm and flea/tick preventative and are micro-chipped. In many cases, Pugs may have had other medical issues that require multiple procedures, treatments and surgeries or lengthy hospital stays while in our care. Pug Rescue Owasso will disclose any medical conditions that we know about prior to the adoption.  Our adoption fees help cover only PART of  the costs incurred while the Pug is in our care.  It also helps cover costs of future incoming Pugs, Veterinary bills and running our rescue.

​Prior to filling out an application, please read through these things that you must know:

  • ​All pets in your household MUST be spayed or neutered! (We will verify this with your Veterinarian).
  • All pets in the household MUST be up to date on vaccines. (or have written vet notice as to why they don't receive vaccines.)
  • Pugs must be given monthly heart worm preventative.
  • Pugs must be kept as indoor pets, never living outside.
  • Pugs will NEVER be chained up.
  • ​We REQUIRE our residence has a safe and secure fenced yard (unless yo live in an apartment.)

The first required step in the adoption process is to fill out an adoption application on our website.  Once your applicatin has been reviewed and references checked, the adoption coordinator will call and speak with you.  Please note that we are all volunteers.  It can take a few days but please understand we are working as fast as we can.

Next, a home visit to meet the adoptive family will be scheduled.  During our home visit we make sure that the home is "pug proofed" and otherwise compatible for the new adopter.  We will discuss your schedules, meet your other pets (if that applies), give you information on pugs - what their health needs are , diet, etc.  We require all house members be present during the home visit.  Our goal is to find a "forever" home for these pugs and pug mixes; we want this to be a well considered addition of a new "family member".  Once the home visit is complete, we will review all information and if this deems this to be a good match for the preferred pug, the foster parent will contact the family and a date to complete the adoption and to sign the adoption contract will be set.  The adoption fee is expected at this time.

The Pug Rescue Owasso, Inc. agreement requires, among other things, that the the adoptive family keep your Pug current on all vaccinations and medications and contact us if you can no longer keep the dog for any reason and to make arrangements to return him/her to Pug Rescue Owasso.

There are many times that we get multiple applications on a certain pug, especially the younger ones.  We do process all applications and do our best to match the pug to the perfect home.  If you are not chosen, please understand that for what ever reason, Pug Rescue Owasso, Inc. believes that another applicant was a better fit to that particular pug.  It is nothing personal!  Our goal is to find the perfect home for each pug in our care.  The needs of the individual pug are taken into consideration when we review applications.  We are here to make sure the pugs go to their forever homes!

Possible Reasons for a Denied Application:

  • A home that is not compatible for a rescue pug
  • References, both vet and personal, that do not check out.
  • ​Other pets that may not be compatible with a rescue pug.
  • Small children that may be too active for a rescue pug.
  • Work hours of the adoptive parents.
  • No secure fencing.
  • Other reasons as determined by the Adoption Committee.






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