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Special Needs Dogs :

Our monthly sponsorship program allows you to become a virtual foster and sponsor one of our Special Needs Dogs, helping to support he/she through a monetary donation. Our mission is to rescue abused, abandoned, homeless, unwanted, sick and injured Pugs and place them into loving permanent adoptive homes. Sadly we have dogs that are not adoptable (or will require a special adoptive home which can take a long time) due to severe medical conditions and in some case, severe emotional distress and are not able to leave the rescue. As much as we want all of our dogs to get their forever home, it is simply and sadly not possible. Your monetary donations will help keep our rescue doors open. Below are some of our Special Needs Dogs. They may be un-adoptable but we know un-adoptable does not mean unlovable! Click the Donate button below to become a virtual foster. Be sure to designate you are “sending money to friends and family”.