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Have you recently added a pug to your family, or are you considering it? Congratulations!!!! Here is the missing instruction sheet that should come with every pug.

1. Pugs are VERY sensitive to heat

This is probably the most important thing for new pug owners to be aware of. Since pugs have flat noses, it is very difficult for them to breathe when it’s hot outside. Taking them out in very hot weather can QUICKLY result in heat stroke, which could be fatal. Protect your pug: If it’s the middle of the day and above 80 degrees keep them inside!

2. Pugs will eat ANYTHING

Do you like leaving a bowl of candy on the coffee table for visitors? How about a pack of gum open in your purse? BIG mistake. Pugs LOVE to eat, and are very clever about sniffing out and devouring food when your back is turned. Some foods like chocolate, raisins and sugarless gum can be deadly to dogs. So, if you are living with a pug you will need to keep all food on lock-down.

3. Pugs are stubborn but not stupid

Pugs can be difficult to train. But don’t mistake their stubbornness for stupidity. They are actually very intelligent dogs, they just like doing things their own way. It’s not that they don’t understand that you don’t want them on the couch, they just don’t care! The couch is comfortable and unless you use some treats to motivate them, their training may progress quite slowly.

4. Pugs need lots of love

Pugs just want to be near you, and thrive off of attention. They are wonderful companions for stay at home moms or those who are retired or work from home. If you are a workaholic, Pugs may not be right for you. Pugs are social dogs and miss their owners very much when they are separated.

5. Pugs are not athletes

If you are looking for a dog to go swimming or jogging with you, you are better off getting a lab. Pugs enjoy one or two brisk walks per day at most, and that is about as far as their athletic abilities go. It is also very important that you not leave them unattended near water, as their stocky bodies and short legs make it impossible for pugs to swim like other dogs. THEY WILL SINK TO THE BOTTOM!!!

6. Pugs should wear harnesses ONLY

The neck area on a pug is very sensitive and since most pugs like to pull when they walk on a leash, they should wear harnesses instead of collars. Too much pulling could lead to a collapsed trachea, a condition which may require surgery.

7. Pugs need leashes

Pugs are easily distracted and are so friendly and curious, that they can get into a lot of trouble if they are let off leash. They may unknowingly provoke a fight with another dog, or wander into the street. In an urban environment, leashes are a must for pug safety.

8. Pugs have a sixth sense

Maybe it’s the way they tilt their heads when you talk, or the way they rush to comfort you when you are upset, but pugs really do seem to have an almost psychic connection with their owners. Some people say that all dogs have that ability, and that may be true, but pugs, having been bred as lap dogs for centuries seem especially tuned in to human emotion.

9. Pugs shed, A LOT

You wouldn’t necessarily guess it by looking at them, but if you are getting a pug, make sure you have a good vacuum. You will be using it a lot!

10. Pugs will become a part of your soul

Have you ever met a pug owner who wasn’t a total pug fanatic? I haven’t. They really do have a cult following. Pugs are not the kind of dogs that fade into the background of your life. These adorable, sensitive, regal, hilarious little dogs often end up taking center stage. Owning a pug truly is one of life’s great joys!